Data that drives real, actionable impact.

employeeInsite assesses and prioritizes your performance across 18 key engagement drivers, identifying your top opportunities for improvement.

Hear the voice of your people
employeeInsite enables leaders to get a direct, in-depth look into how their people  think and feel.
Focus on what matters most
By understanding both the importance of each driver and your organization's current performance, employeeInsite identifies the drivers that matter most.
Compare performance within the organization
employeeInsite provides clients dynamic reporting capabilities, allowing leaders to compare results throughout the organization.
Track progress over time
As employeeInsite is redeployed in the future, the system allows users to track progress over time and evaluate the relative success of improvement initiatives.
Employee assessment

Get your people’s pulse.

The employeeInsite assessment provides leaders an in-depth and granular look into how their people feel and think within all drivers and dimensions. In less than 15 minutes, clients can gain an entirely new perspective into the engagement of their workforce.

Actionable analytics

Driving focus to the things that matter most.

Most engagement assessments measure only performance and just highlight the organization's success within key engagement drivers.  However, without understanding importance—what drivers matter most—this data leaves full the story untold and does not help activate meaningful change.


Our performance questions gauges how employees feel within each driver and dimension. This provides an understanding of what the organization does well and where improvement is needed.


Our assessment asks employees to rank the importance of each driver, enabling leaders to prioritize efforts and attention to the things that matter most to their people.

Dynamic reporting

Limitless ways to experience your results.

The employeeInsite portal enables you to experience and see your data in a dynamic and responsive way. Actively filter your data to see how results vary across different departments and demographics, compare performance across different groups, and track progress over time to see the effectiveness of your strategic initiatives.

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