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employeeInsite’s consulting services provide a unique addition to your leadership team with customized training and development to ensure organizations successfully improve employee engagement.

Research-based strategies
Our team stays up-to-date with the latest research and industry trends to provide our clients with the most effective strategies to enhance employee engagement.
Leadership development training
Data-informed training is utilized to upskill leaders to achieve the desired employee engagement results.
Ongoing support and accountability
Throughout this journey, Ledgestone offers ongoing support to ensure that organizations stay on track and achieve desired goals.
Trusted advisor
The Ledgestone team provides expert guidance, coaching, and mentoring to help leaders overcome challenges and obstacles.
Consulting packages

Driving focus to the things that matter most.


Quarterly touchpoints & reflective evaluation ensures efforts remain focused on the things that matter most.


Bi-monthly touchpoints, leadership intensives, and working profiles to ensure the alignment of cultural initiatives with strategic goals.


Monthly touchpoints and direct engagement with executive leadership creates traction, calibrates efforts, and ensures maximum impact.

Engage your workforce with Insite

In this brief video, hear from Lee Hoffman, Director of Cultural Transformation, on how partnership can catalyze your engagement efforts.

Consulting Packages

Solutions packaged to satisfy your needs

Culture Training

Leadership team training on the culture drivers that impact employee engagement

Insite Seminar

In-depth analysis of organization’s Insite data and the development of cultural goals

Working Profiles

Leadership team members’ working profile assessments and team functionality

Year-End Showcase

Review of organizational engagement successes and re-establish new strategic objectives for the coming year

Strategic Planning

Development of a long-term vision, core values, and organizational targets

Executive Coaching

Tailored one-on-one coaching to develop leadership and management skills

Team Intensive

Activities with teams that build trust, activate healthy conflict, and enhance accountability

Voice of the Employee

In-person interviews with employees to gather qualitative understanding of organization’s culture

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