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Managing risk can be overwhelming.
We help make it easier by showing you what to focus on.

We give you more value—without costing more than your current plan

They sell a commodity.
We help transform your culture.
Our experts focus on improving performance, finding strategies to sustain lower risks, and adding long-lasting value.
They standardize.
We customize.
We are independent. We work for you—not the insurance company—giving you the power of choice.
They give you vacations.
We give you strategies.
With us, your money goes towards addressing your real problems.
They put you on hold.
We automate.
Access and make changes to your documents using our customer portal, and get back to doing what you do best!

How do we give you more for less?

By automating paperwork and benchmarks, we can invest in what is more important to you

“Ledgestone has been a game changer for our company. Data-driven risk management wasn’t something we had on our radar. Rather than quoting insurance, Ledgestone’s experts made sure to thoroughly understand how we operate, our risks, and our pain points. We then saw our company begin to change as Ledgestone helped us implement a data-based strategy that mitigates our risk and changed our culture.”

Rheo Engineering
Peoria, IL

“Ledgestone has proven to be a valuable resource for us. Providing more than insurance, they have assisted us in updating our employee handbook and offered guidance with various HR scenarios. They are consistent in their communication and make sure we always have what we need for various bids. We appreciate working with the team at Ledgestone!”

Knapp Concrete Contractors, Inc.
Goodfield, IL

“Working with Ledgestone has been eye-opening. The way that they took a deep dive into the whole operation was something we hadn’t seen before. They gathered data from all over the company on occupational health and safety, organizational health, sources of risk and more. They have worked to help us transform our culture to be safer, healthier, and more engaged than ever. We see them as much more than our insurance broker—Ledgestone is a true partner in our business.”

Catalyst Construction
Bloomington, IL

“Ledgestone has been a real partner to us—providing thorough risk management support, guidance, and insurance expertise. As a growing business we have a lot of rapidly changing needs that go beyond insurance policies and coverage options. Ledgestone’s support throughout our journey has been invaluable—bringing true risk management and helping us respond to our risk proactively. We appreciate the time, attention to detail, and professional approach that Ledgestone brings to the table.”

Blunier Builders
Eureka, IL

“When we needed some support that went above and beyond insurance, we turned to the trusted experts at Ledgestone. Ledgestone is a comprehensive health and safety resource, willing to assist us with a variety of projects. They see the “big picture”, understand our industry, and continually work to provide value to our organization.”

Edelman, Inc. 
Fairbury, IL
Champaign, IL  

What to expect when working with us

Get a glimpse of Ledgestone's risk-mitigating process
Safety audit
We evaluate your risk exposure with our proprietary risk assessment score.
We recommend and help you implement steps to reduce risk exposure.
We transfer remaining exposure into a well-priced, customized insurance plan.
Culture Transformation
We help you inspire employees to become safer.
Easy access
Take control of your policies and access your forms using our automated software.
Long-term benefits
Sustain premiums by reducing risk in regular practices. Improve your brand through retention, PR, engagement, etc.

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We are redefining the agent-consumer relationship.
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From construction companies to community organizations, we are focused on bringing high-end, big-business value to small and mid-sized businesses.
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