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Personalized and comprehensive, employeeInsite delivers to you an end-to-end solution to sustainably elevate the engagement of your workforce.

What is engagement

Beyond measurement ... a comprehensive approach to driving engagement.

Studies have found that if you ask an employee for feedback about the workplace or engagement, yet do nothing about it, resentment rises quickly.

To combat this, Ledgestone has developed a comprehensive approach to driving engagement, including development of strategic action plans, partnership with implementation, and ongoing monitoring and governance.

Identify the highest-leverage opportunities for performance by analyzing both your current performance and the relative importance of each driver.
Map current framework strategies to the highest priority to create an actionable data-driven gameplan for improvement.
Partner with a team of engagement specialists to ensure successful execution and implementation of the strategic action plan.
Continuous Improvement
Repeat the process of assessment, analysis, strategy development, and execution to create sustained improvement in workforce engagement.
Process steps

How it works.

Step 1

Completion of pre-session workbook as to leaders' perception of employee's current level of engagement.

Step 2

Kick-off meeting with key leaders previewing employeeInsite and reviewing pre-session workbook results.

Step 3

Collection of key data including demographics, location, reporting structure, performance data, etc.

Step 4

Communication to employees informing them of Ledgestone partnership and upcoming survey.

Step 5

Opening of two-week period for employees to provide feedback and complete the assessment.

Step 6

Meeting with leaders to review survey results, identify key drivers, and presentation of strategic action plan.

Step 7

Implementation of strategic action plan and initiation of engagement consulting services.

Step 8

Continued deployment of strategy in partnership with Employee Insite consulting team.

Step 9

Redeployment of Employee Insite assessment to employee workforce to get updated feedback.

Step 10

Communication to employees informing them of Ledgestone partnership and upcoming survey.

Step 11

Based on results of the most recent survey, generate a new strategic action plan for the coming year.

EmployeeInsite framework

Scope to canvases what matters … clarity to show how it relates.

employeeInsite is built upon a proprietary framework that encompasses key engagement concepts and demonstrates the relationship between them.

The Insite framework provides clients with clarity and understanding, expediting the traditional discovery process and ensuring that attention and improvement efforts are focused on the things that matter most. The framework consists of three core components:

Engagement concepts that are directly influenced and controlled by an employee's direct supervisor or leadership. Drivers work to shape how employees feel.
Encompass key feelings, needs, and/or desires of employees. These feelings, held over time, collectively work to influence employee dispositions or sentiments.
Represent the two main dispositions help by all employees: motivation and satisfaction (happiness). For an employee to be engaged, both must be present.

Learn more about each framework component:

Explore the employeeInsite framework. See the drivers behind key employee dimensions, and how these dimensions work collectively to create and instill an employee's mindset, beliefs, and thinking pattern.


Employees feel accomplished when they are provided with opportunities to learn, grow, improve, advance, and make a real and lasting difference.


Employees feel valued when they are recognized for their contributions, supported in  their growth endeavors, and empowered in their work.


Employees feel purposeful when they possess a profound sense of significance, satisfaction and fulfillment from the work they do.


Employees feel their work environment is stable, led by high integrity leaders that do right by their people.


Employees possess a deep sense of belonging, loyalty, and camaraderie with their team, supervisor, and broader organization.


Employees feel aligned when they know where the organization is headed, understand the  strategic plan to get there, and have confidence in their leaders ability to successfully execute.


Employees are provided opportunities to be challenged, learn, and improve.


Employees are given opportunities to grow and advance in their role and career.


Employees can see how their work helps the organization function and accomplish its goals.


Employees are acknowledged and recognized for their contributions and efforts.


Employees receive feedback, support, and opportunities to grow at work.


Employees feel a sense of autonomy, confidence, and ownership over their work.


Employees are proud of the work they are doing and the firms contribution to society.


Employees derive a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose from their work.


Employees understand how their individual work makes a real impact for both the firm and society.


Employees believe their leaders are honest, trustworthy, and reliable, and act with high integrity.


Employees have a clear understanding of their tasks, responsibilities, processes, and current performance.


Employees believe they are treated fairly and have equal access to resources and advancement opportunities.


Employees feel a strong sense of connection to their coworkers and the broader organization.


Employees possess a high level of respect and admiration for their supervisor.


Employees feel a strong sense of belonging, loyalty, and connection to their current team.


Employees know where the organization is headed and the goals it hopes to achieve.


Employees are confident in the organization's plan to achieve its goals and aspirations.


Employees believe that leadership will effectively execute and achieve the firm's stated goals.

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