Bringing focus and clarity to the things that matter most.

By unearthing the core drivers behind customer buying decisions, customerInsite brings commercial focus to strategy, helping you identify the highest-impact opportunities to deliver value and drive profitability.

Understand how customers view your products & services
Gain insight into the market’s perception of your offering across every factor driving customer buying decisions.
Clear picture of the competitive landscape
Determine your organization's current competitive position and identify which firms are best positioned for the future.
See what drives customer buying decisions
Discover the factors that most greatly influence and impact customer purchase decisions.
Identify the highest impact opportunities to improve
Gain insight into the purchasing factors that yield the highest return on investment for improvement initiatives.
Digital experience

Seamless and frictionless data experience.

Do a deep dive into your results, conduct limitless iterations across various teams, or simulate the impact of performance improvements, all within a seamless digital experience.

Value Map

Understand the competitive landscape of your market.

Identify strongest and weakest competitors

Identify which competitive alternatives customers believe provide the best value.

Project changes in future market share

Identify which competitors are in the strongest position to capture future market share and which are most vulnerable.

Classify market into competitive segments

Classify and compare companies within their respective market segment (economy, mid-tier, premium).

Uncover the true market-based pricing

Determine if your pricing structure is aligned with the perceived performance of your offering.

Competitive scorecard

Insight into your market position.

No need for assumptions or intuition. The competitive scorecard provides a detailed summary showing how you stack up against key competitors across all key buying attributes and provides insight as to the "why" behind customer buying decisions.

Attribute Performance

See how customers rate your offerings performance on each decision factor. Determine if customers are misperceiving your product's performance.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Compare your performance against all key market competitors across all decision factors. Understand where your offering is superior and inferior to the competition.

Price Competitiveness

See your market-perceived price in comparison to the competition. Gain insight on whether customers believe your price is adequate with your offering's performance.

Highest Impact Opportunities

Identify your best opportunities to improve the value of your offering. Be sure your improvement initiatives are targeted at the factors that customer prioritize most.

Dynamic reporting

Countless ways to see and experience your results.

customerInsite’s robust reporting platform enables users to dive deep inside their results. Compare your offering head-to-head against any competitor or the entire marketplace, track progress over time, or see how projected improvements in performance would impact your market competitiveness.

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