Kevin Dill

Kevin Dill

Chief People Officer
“Setbacks are Set-Ups for better things to come.”

–John Fox

Kevin grew up on a small farm outside of Delavan, Illinois. As a child he thought that he would be a farmer, but as he grew up he discovered a passion for leading and teaching the people around him that pushed towards a career in education. After several years of teaching, Kevin realized that what really fascinated him was understanding human behavior in order to be a more effective leader. He began to focus specifically on leadership development, beginning with the training of leadership in classrooms, schools, and school districts. Realizing the need for great leadership extended beyond education, Kevin made a career out of developing and deploying leaders through training and coaching.  

When our path collided with Kevin we aligned on the fact that healthy companies are high performing companies, and leadership is at the heart of it all. Today Kevin brings his skills to the table leading our organizational health efforts and inspiring leadership to cultivate effective cultures and leverage the talents of their people. Kevin begins with a foundation of emotional intelligence and understanding of human behavior to teach clients how to communicate better, motivate their people, have difficult conversations, and lead their organizations to success.

Outside the office, you will find Kevin and his wife enjoying their time being empty nesters. They love to experience new places, meet new people and try amazing food. They hope to one day get to Europe to watch a cliff diving competition! An eternal optimist, Kevin would tell you that life will throw setbacks and challenges at you but each of them provides an opportunity to learn, carry on, and achieve great things.