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Commercial insurance specialties


Our Agsurance specialists bring true risk management to the agricultural segment. We pride ourselves on developing deep relationships with producers and helping farms achieve positive outcomes. Our areas of expertise include Federal Crop Insurance, Private Crop Insurance, and Farm Liability Insurance—to name a few.

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Our experts bring a unique combination of safety and insurance expertise to ensure that you have both a healthy culture on the jobsite, and the best fit of carrier and coverage. Our construction partners are empowered for long-term, sustainable success.


The manufacturing industry is always changing, and we can adapt with it—bringing you real risk management. Leveraging data and years of expertise, our team will partner with you to ensure that you have the proper strategies and coverages in place for long-term growth and success.

Wholesale distribution

Wholesale is a huge and varied industry, but our team has the experience and flexibility to partner with almost any company. From electronics to metals and construction materials, our team will provide risk management and insurance solutions tailored to your organization to position you as a market leader for years to come.

Social services (churches, nonprofits)  

We are proud to work with organizations that share our passion for improving their communities. Our experts can help you leverage insurance to be more than a cost—instead becoming an asset that can drive positive organizational outcomes.

We’re Independent


As a people-first organization, we believe that creating an environment that helps employees thrive is crucial to the success of our clients. Our safety consulting experts walk alongside you to drive cultural change on attitudes towards safety and occupational health. We leverage data to assess hazards and behaviors, and then customize and implement a plan to reduce incidents and claims. We believe that a safe and healthy environment will empower your team to be more engaged, efficient, and profitable.

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We recognize that you can’t wait around waiting to get bonded, while losing out on business and revenue. Whether you are looking for commercial, contract, or surety bonds—our experts can work with you. We will partner with you providing expert advice on finances to ensure that you are positioned to get the best possible rates from carriers. On top of that, we can secure bonds from our carriers in a timely fashion—ensuring that your bids and business don’t experience delays.


Risk assessment

In a world with dynamic risk, businesses desperately need dynamic risk assessment. We have tossed out the stagnant model insurance has used for decades and use a data driven approach to get a true understanding of the risk our clients face. That same data drives coverage and safety plans that truly mitigate your risk and create a safer and more engaging environment for your people.


Organizational health

We are passionate about helping you achieve the best outcomes for your business. The research shows that organizations that focus on improving their organizational health also improve their profitability, productivity, and other KPIs. Whether the focus is on leadership training, continuity planning, or employee alignment—our organizational health specialists will partner with you to ensure that your organization moves towards health and better business outcomes.