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Today’s businesses face dynamic risk. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to foster a safe environment for your employees. We use a data-driven approach to build a custom safety plan for your organization. Let safety unlock the full potential of your team.

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Our Approach

We’ve thrown out the traditional risk assessment model. It was to one-dimensional and shallow—often leaving business exposed to risks it couldn't catch.

Our process begins with a full analysis of the organization. The more data we can get the better. Importantly, we gather this data from all levels of the company. From your management team to workers on job sites, a wide scope will ensure that we don't miss any blind spots.

This data is then analyzed to gain a data driven understanding of the exposure your company faces, the gaps in your service schedule and more. As a third party, we bypass company politics to create a swift and effective change in your safety culture. Our data-backed approach decreases injuries and claims while increasing communication and awareness. 

Our goal as your risk assessment partner is to work ourselves out of a job. We will partner with you to create:   

1. An Environment that Lowers Your Risk  
Multi-dimensional risk assessment results in programs that can accurately gauge and address your risk. Proactive training, communication and planning reduce the incidents and costs your organization runs into. Our clients experience a reduction in OSHA citations and rates, reduced MOD rate, alongside lower injury risk.  

2. An Environment that Retains Your Talent  
Intentional communication organization wide will demonstrate to your employees that leadership is engaged and cares about their wellbeing. Combined with increased safety we will improve your retention rates. On top of that, improved culture and morale can become an asset to attract talent and position your organization as a leader within your industry.   

“We partnered with one of our clients who desperately needed a change in their safety culture. Through our programming we provided monthly training, created a safety committee, and did regular inspections to monitor their progress. It was very fulfilling to watch all of the hard work pay off. There were less injuries, fewer claims and over time we were able to drastically decrease their MOD, DART and TRIR rates. That, combined with the fact that they were less susceptible to OSHA citations, made them a lot more marketable and positioned them as a market leader in their industry. As an added bonus, we were able to save them 50% on their P&C insurance premiums.”

Kyle Ricely
Kyle Ricely
Safety Manager
Partners in Transformation

Risk is inevitable, but it can be mitigated. The ExergyPro team would love to learn more about you and your organization. Together, we can transform your safety culture and bring out the best in your talent.

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