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Which Fleet Telematics Solution Should You Choose?

Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC contractors and more often have one element of their organization in common: they operate a fleet. Whether your fleet consists of used trucks or brand new, custom retrofitted vans, one thing is true: a company fleet is a substantial source of risk and has the potential to be both a financial asset and liability. If you are looking for insights on how to make your fleet safer and more profitable, we have a 5 key tips breakdown. However, in this post we want to focus on Fleet Telematics.  

Fleet Telematics solutions allow an organization to track important metrics like driver behavior, how fast they are driving, how long they spend idling the engine, how efficient their routes to jobs are, and more. We think that telematics is the basis of getting an accurate understanding of both potential sources of risk and profit loss within a fleet. Deciding to implement fleet telematics is a good first step, but then an organization must choose which provider to partner with.

The market for telematics solutions can be overwhelming, with many providers offering what seems like, at a glance, the same capabilities. You may want to spend hours researching their product offerings, talking to representatives on the phone, trying demos of software, and pouring over customer reviews. If you don’t, we have good news: we already did. Over the course of our research, we settled on 6 different providers with the capabilities to provide fleet insights that will help with both safety and profitability.  

Overall, most solutions offered similar capabilities in software, but few had the customer service to back them up. We were highly disappointed in most companies' excellent software solutions but poor customer reviews and turnaround rates. Hopefully, more attention is paid to this aspect of telematics as most businesses can't suffer long turnaround rates with regulation compliance and wanting to keep their drivers at full employment.  

Here is a quick look at our findings when comparing telematics solutions for ease of use, reporting capabilities, convenience of installation, thoroughness of training, and quality of customer service.  

2021 Telematics feature comparison

The breakdown correlates with what we found—most of the software share very similar feature sets. The real differences come down to customer service and the experience you will have interacting with each provider for install, training, and support. To help you make a choice, we have included our top pick for overall value, small businesses, and midsize fleets. Additional information on our picks and all our reviewed options can be found just below our top picks.

2021 Telematics category winners


Offers the best value per cost. This solution provided robust quality without a high price tag. No long-term contracts, good hardware with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Provides a range of safety reports, on-board temperature features, speed and driver behavior reports, and other vehicle diagnostic indicators. Superb reputation with the Better Business Bureau and telematics review websites.  

Teletrac Navman

Provides small and midsize businesses with robust fleet tracking services. While relatively outdated in the interface, it offers extensive capabilities in reporting and analysis. Offers a "build your own report" feature and has recently partnered with another fleet telematics company, Fleetio, allowing clients to simplify fleet management processes.  

Verizon Connect

Highly scalable service that combines 3 GPS fleet tracking companies (Telogis, Fleetmatics and Verizon Networkfleet) into one service. Rather than using Google service in relation to GPS, Verizon uses their own connectivity as a basis for their GPS solution. More flexible in creating a custom solution that fits your business needs. One thing to note is that as of recently, Verizon only stands at a B rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Offers the best GPS fleet tracking software. Relatively new company, founded in 2015 by MIT researchers. Contains a sleek interface and intuitive dashboard setup. Seems to be at the forefront of telematics innovations at this moment and time. Provides a range of safety and driver behavior reports in addition to offering their capabilities to fleets of all sizes. Comes with a longer contractual obligation.    


Offers real-time metrics, allowing to analyze fuel consumption, driver scorecards, and a host of other reports as they happen. Allows flexibility in reporting that is not seen elsewhere. Better insights into your vehicles and drivers, making the return on investment even better.  

GPS Insight

Offers a wide range of creative and effective third-party integration that help customize and increase your return on your fleet management. While offering many capabilities that could revolutionize your fleet, it comes with a price. Boasts about their customer service in creating a partnership with the client, a rare asset that is met in the telematics industry.

We hope this brief breakdown of fleet telematics software options gives you a starting point as you make a decision for your fleet. If you have any questions or want to chat about fleet strategy, we would love to learn more about you and your organization. Click here to contact us!