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What kind of culture does your company have?

Culture is the grand total of an organization's values, traditions, beliefs, attitudes and actions. One way to look at it is as the dynamic created within the organization both by leadership and each of the individuals that work there. There are several dimensions of healthy culture that can be measured, analyzed and shaped in order to transform an organization's culture and combat the pandemic of disengagement the U.S workforce is experiencing today, but maybe that is jumping the gun. There may be a more important question that an organization needs to ask itself—what kind of culture do we have today? And do we want to change it?

The reality of organizational culture is that it isn’t one size fits all. Cultures can be as unique as the missions of various companies and the personalities of the humans that make it all happen. While they may share certain key dynamics, it is important to recognize that each company and its teams need to create a culture that is theirs. Theirs to own, theirs to shape and improve, theirs to use to empower and drive results.

While cultures are unique, generally they fall into several major categories. This short quiz will help you identify what culture category your organization fits into.

Did your culture quiz results ring true? Do you have any further questions about what makes and breaks a culture?  Feel free to check out our resources on culture.

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