Risk management for agriculture

Field First, Farm Focused. We are passionate about providing true risk management and industry-leading insurance expertise to our partners.

Better is better.

Many insurance brokers offer some agriculture products. But often, it is an afterthought. Most agencies simply don’t know enough about the agriculture industry and simply offer the one or two products they have access to. We don't think producers want insurance partners who only have an average understanding of their industry. 

Your success is our success—motivating us to stay focused on achieving your short and long term goals.

Agsurance is 100% focused on agriculture. With over a decade of agricultural risk management and insurance experience and access to almost any carrier and product line on the market—we believe that we are the best partner to get your farm covered and positioned for growth. 

Risk management for agriculture has been stuck in the past. We decided to change that. By combining your organization’s data with our database on the industry, we can use our proprietary algorithms to build our partners a customized policy. Whether your focus is on ROI or risk aversion, we can guarantee the best policy combination for your goals. 

“We pride ourselves on being a true partner in our clients businesses. One partnership we are particularly proud of began when they were farming 80 acres. Together, we helped with true risk mitigation and the proper product placement for their needs—and our strategy worked. With the correct coverages and placements, growth really took off and today they are farming around 6000 acres. Growing together and improving the business—that’s what it's all about.”

Nathan Erhardt

Agsurance prides itself on establishing real relationships with the producers we partner with that span generations. We find value and seek to understand the why behind what is important to each farming operation both in the present and looking to the future.

Unlike many big brokers, we promise not to take a cookie cutter approach that places your farm into a stereotypic bucket or market segment. Rather, we appreciate that each operation is unique and provides for your livelihood. We want to be the business partner that works each day to help to reduce risk so that you can continue to provide for the loved ones you have at home. Your success is our success—motivating us to stay focused on achieving your short and long term goals.

At Agsurance, we don’t share in the philosophy bigger is better, rather we believe better is better.

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